angle bracket overview

Angle Brackets

Galvabond angle brackets with a unique stiffening rib made in Australia to give high strength joints at right angles

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ant cap overview

Ant Caps

Galvabond ant caps with a 50mm turn down to sit on top of stumps to prevent ant intrusion into house proudly made in Australia

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batten straps overview

Batten Straps

Australian made galvabond fixings for timber purlins and battens to trusses and rafters

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bracing overview


A full range of Australian made bracing used to provide bracing strength during either wall or roof construction

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ceiling tie overview

Ceiling Tie / Joist Tie

Australian made galvabond connector for fixing joists to hanging beams

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cluster nail overview

Cluster Nails

Classic Australian manufactured cluster nail plates allow for all kinds of connecting projects with easy hammer installation

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connectingplate overview

Connecting Plate

Australian made galvabond general purpose connecting plate with the flexibility of slots and nail holes

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cyclone strap overview

Cyclone Straps

Australian made galvabond steel strap connectors for fixing purlins, rafters and trusses in high wind areas

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expansion tie overview

Expansion Ties

Australian manufactured galvabond heavy duty expansion joint ties to allow small movement in masonry construction

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fascia angle bracket overview

Fascia Angle Brackets

Standard 300mm long fascia brackets made in Australia from Galvabond material for fixing fascias to rafters

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fascia connector overview

Fascia Connectors - Heavy Duty

Hot Dip Galvanised 6mm thick Fascia brackets for providing strong connection between fascia and rafter

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fence plateoverview

Fence Plates

Australian made Galvabond fence plates with 3 holes to allow connection of fence posts to rails

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foil fastener overview

Foil Fasteners

A complete range of fixing to allow board, sisalation / sarking or similar materials quickly and easily

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girder brackets overview

Girder Brackets

Heavy duty Australian made joist brackets which are split to allow for non standard sizes or fixings or where a little extra strength is required

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hoop iron overview

Hoop Iron

Various solutions for Type A and Type B bracing and general strapping requirements made from galvabond material

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hoop iron tensioner overview

Hoop Iron Tensioners

Heavy duty hoop iron tensioners to ensure that bracing can be tightened to the required standards without failing

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internal wall bracket overview

Internal Wall Brackets

Australian made galvabond brackets used to fasten internal walls to roof trusses

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joist supports heavy duty overview

Joist Supports Heavy Duty

Heavy duty Australian made joist support brackets to suit larger timbers in heavy applications

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joist supports framing brackets overvieww

Joist Supprts / Framing Brackets

Australian made galvabond based preformed brackets for connecting joists to bearers

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joist straps overview

Joist Straps / Stud Ties

Australian made galvabond fixing to give a high strength fastening of top and bottom wall plates to studs

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nail on plate overview

Nail On Plates

Australian made general purpose galvabond plate for joining timbers with a near limitless number of nailing combinations

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nails overview


Special Dunnings timber connector nails in either 30 or 33mm to give full bracket certification strength

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pergola angle overview

Pergola Angle

Australian made galvabond angle bracket used in the construction of pergolas and other jointing applications

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quad grip overview

Quad Grip

Australian made galvabond hammer installed brackets for fixing rafters and trusses

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shade cloth fixing overview

Shade Cloth Fixings

Round washers fixing with nails or rivets or formed strip nails to hold pergola coverings

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strap nails overview

Strap Nails

Australian made galvabond strap nails to allow easy jointing of timbers

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timber loks overview

Timber Loks

Australian made galvabond timber connectors flat and bent big and small for all general fixing purposes

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top hat bracket overview

Top Hat Bracket

Australian made galvabond brackets ideal for tying roof battens to rafters or top chords

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triple lok overview

Triple Loks

Australian made galvabond fixings providing onto three separate surfaces for maximum strength jointing

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truss fix overview

Truss Fix

Australian made galvabond hammer installed brackets for fixing rafters and trusses

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unities overview


Australian made galvabond timber connectors idea for connecting timbers at 90 degrees to each other

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vents overview


Australian made general purpose galvabond anti rain air vents to facilitate airflow in building projects

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